About Us

Dedicated to gaming since 2017

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Products and Events !

Founded in 2017 we are  dedicated to gaming in all it’s analog forms. We strive to cultivate both a competitive and a relaxed atmosphere.

Gilles ZANEN

Founder of Gamestower and dedicated Nerd !

Captain of Team Luxemborug for the Warhammer 40k World Team Championships and the classic comic book guy.


The Organizer

Part of the Team since March 2020 (yes, right in the pandemic, ouch !!).In charge of the Cardmarket side of things, so if you wonder how your cards are graded and listed, she’s your go-to-gal.

Celebrating 5 years and counting

In april we are celebrating 5 years of Gamestower. We’ve had our ups and downs but we are proud of the community we serve. Much love to you all !