RPG Day – Pathfinder Morning Session

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Little trouble in Big Absalom – Pathfinder 2nd Edition

Starts: 9h15

For generations, the Hookclaw kobolds have lived beneath the city known as Absalom, scratching out a hardscrabble existence by scavenging from the earth-packed ruins of ancient, buried buildings. Yet the smell of change is in the air. Just recently, a party of Hookclaw miners accidently broke into an underground room that was stuffed full of treasures and luxuries, most of them in far better condition than the time-rotted relics that the Hookclaws typically own. Firm advocates of letting no treasure go to waste, the Hookclaws have rounded up their greatest heroes to explore the mysterious area.

ATTENTION: Your language choice is so we can tell the DM. we’ll always take the lowest common denominator. Games will most likely be in English.


Luxembourgish, English


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