RPG Day – Dungeons and Dragons – Afternoon Session 11th of December

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High Stakes on Winter´s Crest – Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Starts: 14h00


It is a unique opportunity that has been given to you and your other bandmembers. You ve been booked as the entertainment during the Winter´s Crest Ball of the Dawnwalkers, the Elite Knight´s order of the Black Hands Cradle. A gig sure to open the doors to the high society in the capitol city of Lumen and a challenge to sink your teeth into. So warm up those vocal chords, put some new strings on your lute and reskin those drums, lets make sure they ll have a party that would raise the dead.


ATTENTION: Your language choice is so we can tell the DM. we’ll always take the lowest common denominator. Games will most likely be in English.

5€ the entry will go to the DM


Luxembourgish, English


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