RPG Day – Dungeons and Dragons – Afternoon Session 11th of December

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The Colder Days – Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

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Aaah yes, the Colder Days! Families, friends and loved ones are gathering throughout Levithia to celebrate the winter festivities.
It is without a doubt the most breathtaking time of the year. The islands covered in a cold blanket of snow, the chimneys painting the skies with puffy lines of smoke, fireplaces crackling and offering comforting warmth inside cozy homes, the sweet buttery smell of freshly baked goods… get out your favorite sweaters and gather around.
Aaah yes, the Colder Days… let‘s not forget about this ancient curse though, lingering above every town and city. It has been decades since the last incident, so nothing will probably happen here… in the town where you‘re resting from your last adventure, at this very moment? Or will it….?


ATTENTION: Your language choice is so we can tell the DM. we’ll always take the lowest common denominator. Games will most likely be in English.

5€ the entry will go to the DM


Luxembourgish, English


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