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We are organizing an League in 40k. It will run for 4 weeks and you should play a game every week. The tickets are 5 euros and should be up on the Games Tower page shortly. Consider this a tournament with the following changes :
– You play one game a week.
– Every week, before the new pairings, you will be able to submit a new list.

For the new list, you will be locked to your faction, but able to change the list, so you can try different things. The list has to be in before the parings. We do not allow proxies, but models can be unpainted, in which case you will lose the 10 points for battle ready army.

We would prefer, that you play the games in the tower, but there is no obligation and you can also play them at home. We will create an BCP event and we will try to run it in there, if not we will do it by hand. This is our first try, so we will see how many of you are motivated and if it is doable in our community.

The mission pack will follow this weekend, if there are any question, please ask here, so we can clear things up. The 2 top games (the best 4 players) will play the final and the semi final on the GAME ON on the 10/9 (Time will be announced)

The date are:

First week
Pairings: 14/9
Game result have to be in till: 19/9 at midnight
New Lists have to be in: 20/9 at midnight

Second week
Pairings: 21/9
Game result have to be in till: 26/9 at midnight
New Lists have to be in: 27/9 at midnight

Third week
Pairings: 28/9
Game result have to be in till: 3/10 at midnight
New Lists have to be in: 4/10 at midnight

Fourth week
Pairings: 5/9
Game result have to be in till: 10/9 at midnight


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