40k Tournament 2.000 pts

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The Games Tower and the Basement Crew are putting a 40k tournament together on May the 30th. It will be a competitive tournament (2000pts), because we would like the new players to experience this and see if they like it. That said, we will enforce fair-play and good player behavior, so we encourage you to to come, even if you never been to such an event. I will not be playing and will TO the event and we are aiming for a 8-12 player tournament. We also ask you for a feedback afterwards, as we had in mind to do this more regularly.

A few other things: – The venue will be the empty room next to Games Tower, but there is a chance this might not be available at the time, but in that case it will be held in the Games Tower. – Due to Covid, doing this requires a bit of more work. So You will have to wear masks and respect all the other rules/laws that are in place by the government. We plan to have a cold meal with sandwiches, which you will have to eat outside. The Tournament pack will be available in about a week and you will need Best Coast Pairings App on your phone. The list submission will be on May the 23th


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